Updated Packages

New Wedding Packages!


The all new and updated packages are here! Go and check out my Prices and you’ll see that not only are they; different but there’s also a few new faces.


First of all I’m now offering anyone who books between now and May 1st 2018; a 25% discount on wedding photography. This means although you may have missed my previous offer; there’s still time to save on your wedding photography. And if you’re looking at my prices thinking I’m way out of your budget; then remember that I only need a 25% deposit to secure the booking; the rest isn’t due until 30 days before the day. If that’s still not possible then have a look at the Download Package. This allows you, your family and guests to view all your wedding photos in your personal, password protected online gallery; anyone can share these images via social media so long as they have the password to access them. There’s also the opportunity to purchase these photos as prints; in an album or as high resolution files any time you like.


In addition to the above changes I’ve also added even more to The Whole Shebang package. Now you’ll not only receive a second photographer (also available separately with any package); but you’ll also get to book an engagement session where we’ll find a pretty location and take some photos showing just how lovely you both look together. These are a great way to help you both understand what it will be like on your wedding day and help you both get comfortable being in front of the camera; with every engagement session I supply 30 of the best images which I then put into a signing book to display on your wedding day and for your guests to leave their well wishes in.


Everything inside my packages is available separately and we can even work together to come up with a tailored package that suits your budget better if need be. All printed items such as albums, USB cases and signing books are available to view and when we arrange a date to meet I’ll have them with me and ready to show off; as many have said to me before; there’s something quite special about my albums and USBs so they’re certainly worth a look at.