Second Shooting with Andy Chambers Photography

Way back in 2016 a highly respected, full time wedding photographer asked if I wanted to come along to some of his weddings to assist. Unfortunately at the time I just couldn’t spare the weekends, something I regretted quite a bit since I’d approached him previously. I thought at the time that he may not ask again after rejecting many of his offers. But, low and behold, last year I started working with him for a number of his bookings; he’s helped me improve not only my knowledge in photography but also my methods and techniques; along with plenty of help with my own website and the new YouTube channel.

He’s been consistently helpful regardless of how busy he is. Having 50+ weddings per year; all the meetings, editing, album designing, advertising via blogs, vlogs and youtube slideshows;¬†social media marketing and everything else that comes with running his business. He still manages to find time to help people around him. So, with that being said I felt the need to show what he’s helped me produce. There are some truly amazing venues here and some equally amazing couples. So take a look at his website to see why so many couples are booking this guy!

So why book me?

Ok. I know what some of you are thinking; why advertise a competitor? Well like I said, Andy’s helped me become a better photographer and he’s still doing so. Our packages are very different, we offer different types of albums and USBs and we produce very different results and we both have our own eye for what we want or like in a photograph. Many people see photography as a highly competitive market when in reality; we’re all different people trying to head in the same direction but with different eyes peering through the tools that we use.

Every couple I meet for a potential booking, I always tell them to look around at other photographers. Occasionally giving the names to look at; Andy being one. My words to these couples are; “I would much rather you find the right photographer for YOU than make a hard sale only for you to not be happy with something or regret making any big decisions like choosing your photography. Because let’s face it, photography is the only service within the wedding industry that will last a lifetime. And if you’re looking back at my photos wishing you’d chosen someone else then I wouldn’t be doing my moral duty by not giving you that choice. My advice to every couple looking at wedding photographers this year and in the years to come. Don’t just look at the photographer! After all, it’s the photos that you’ll be stuck with. Be sure that you connect with your photographer but be equally sure that his/her photography is in line with what YOU want from YOUR day.