The Loupedeck – My in depth review

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Find out everything there is to know by heading over to my YouTube channel! But first, what is it and how can it benefit you?

The Loupedeck was designed and manufactured by a group of smart-arses in Finland and comprised of some of the top developers for Nokia. The set out to create a tool to not only make editing quicker and easier but also more enjoyable. Having had the Loupedeck now for almost a year I am pleased to say that they succeeded in their task.

This handy and well thought out device isn’t without it’s faults though. Much of what I am about to lay down is personal opinion and therefore should be viewed upon with an open and objective mind. So here goes;

There are many buttons that I believe don’t have a place on this device. Considering Loupedeck isn’t designed to rid your editing process of the mouse and keyboard, I feel as though the “zoom” buttons (yes button”S”) really don’t have a place here. This action is but a click of the mouse away or you can simply hit the “Z” key for the same effect.

The directional buttons; these are already on your keyboard, they work perfectly fine there and yet on the Loupedeck they are pretty sticky. Occasionally (very), getting locked down and tricking Lightroom into thinking I want to scroll through my gallery in rapid succession.

My only other concern is the “Brush” button. Now this seems even more useless since straight after pressing, it will bring up you adjustment brush and then you’ll start using your mouse and paint over everything you want to edit. Ok, so I guess it is handy in a sense and it saves time rolling the mouse from right to left and back again. But then so does the use of hotkey “K” to bring up the same thing.

Now; I know that every hotkey you use is pretty much going to replace the need of Loupedeck, but what I’m really trying to say is that these buttons could’ve been put to better use. My personal views for these buttons are that they would’ve been much better if they had changed their actions to something a little more practical. Here’s what I would’ve done!

Brush > Filter changing – once clicked this could allow you to then use the star/colour/flag buttons to select the filters you want, ok.

Directional > Unflagged, Pick & Reject – now I understand this would then change the whole layout but I think the Pick and Zoom buttons on the left would be better suited for other buttons, such as;

Pick & Zoom > Import & Export – simply put, the current Export button is so out of the way that I barely remember it’s there and by introducing the import button you’re allowing all-round functionality. What’s the sense of having Export without Import? By doing this I would then move the Before/After button into a more central position with the White Balance and Tint dials.

My only other change would be that of the Before/After button. Currently this only allows for a side by side view but I, personally, would like to be able to use the overlay view where it switches between before and after with every press.

Now! As I mentioned before, all of this is merely my opinion and doesn’t mean I dislike the device. I LOVE Loupedeck! It’s increased my workflow quite rapidly and that’s partly because it’s made it more enjoyable. But it’s mostly been due to the dials and labelling tools. Being able to change more than one thing at a time seeing it change in real-time without focusing on where you’re sliding or moving your mouse. It allows you to keep your eyes on the image and make a better judgement of whether what you’re changing is actually working for you. And I’d say, that’s kind of the whole point right?

I’d like to think that’s why this group of fantastic, talented brainiacs got together in the first place and that all the extra buttons surrounding the dials were added more of a secondary selling point. They definitely got this tool right! And smashing the crowd funding target by 488%  clearly shows that a device like this is in demand.

Head over to see the Loupedeck in my video review on YouTube and be sure to leave some comments on your own thoughts or ask me any questions about it. I’d be happy to answer.

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Loupedeck Review